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Chiesa di San Lorenzo

Situated outside the built-up area, the church dedicated to Saint Lawrence was already cited in an 1141 document with the name "de muris". In fact this document describes the commission to build the church, assigned to some laymen by bishop Litifredo.
Built in the XII century, it was thouroughly rearranged in the XVII and XVIII centuries: in fact the bell tower, the vestry, and rectangular three-windowed façade porch situated on the side date back to this period. It is a single-nave oriented building with semicircular apse.
Of great value is the apsidal area, decorated with a series of fired-brick suspended arches in groups of three, divided by slim pillars based on large stone brackets. Inside, four large round arches divide the nave in bays supporting the truss ceiling; the presbitery features barrel vaults. Behind the baroque altar can be seen a decorated tumulus, which, based on tradition, is the shrine of Saint Julius.