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Parish Church of San Martino

The most interesting devotional monument is the parish church of San Martino, a building which presents Romanesque architectural elements harmoniously interspersed with the signs of the Baroque reconstruction, which took place between 1668 and 1677. At San Martino every year, the patronal feast is celebrated on 11 November. According to the legend, it seems that this is one of the one hundred churches built by masons and saints Julius and Julian, Greeks of the 4th century who went to Rome and then became pilgrims in northern Italy, during their journey from Angera to Gozzano. Situated on a hill, the parish church partially overshadows the village and allows visitors to admire the scenery of the Alps and the majestic complex of Monte Rosa. We gain through a convenient asphalted road from the historic centre of the town that winds up the hill. The churchyard consists of a bastion supported by a large wall that increases the monumental look of the place. The interior has three naves covered by low vaulted ceilings, and presents a rich decoration with friezes and cornices in plaster. In addition, there are three chapels - dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Saint Anne and Saint Michael - and the baptistery chapel in the apse. The church has a Franzetti organ that dates back to 1841.