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Parrocchiale Maria Assunta di Ghevio

The parish church dedicated to Mary Assunta rises in a panoramic position along the road leading to Silvera. It is of ancient origins: it was already mentioned in the bubble of Innocent II to 1132 as a church under the parish church of Gozzano. Over the centuries has suffered various tampering: a testimony of the ancient building, dating back to the twelfth century, it remains alone the beautiful Romanesque bell tower with single, mullioned windows and decorations hanging arches. Between the seventeenth century and the eighteenth century was built a choir, richly painted by Borsetti in 1740 and, in 1777, was installed a marble altar of the Baroque style, topped by a statue depicting the Madonna sixteenth century. Noteworthy is also the baroque oratory dedicated to Saint Roch in the hamlet Silvera, where you can admire a valuable wooden altar.