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Sanctuary of Novareia

The sanctuary, located in the municipality of Portula on the slopes of Monte Civetta, is dedicated to Our Lady of the Graces. It is famous for the traditional "Cyclamen Festival" which takes place each year on the last Sunday in July. These flowers, along with many others, grow abundantly around the Sanctuary.
The Sanctuary of Novareia was built on the site of an alleged apparition of the Virgin to an elderly lady of that place, which occurred around 1650. In this apparition, the Virgin asked that a church be built. However, the first construction was merely a small chapel of foliage.
The current building was built after a presumed second apparition took place in 1712, accompanied by a miraculous healing. The 18th century church has a single nave and a wide portico. Construction on it began in the 18th century, and was completed during the 19th century. It contains the statue of the Madonna, a work by Aurelio Termine, a wooden pulpit, a high altar with a balustrade and some important 19th century paintings. The simple, elegant gabled façade is preceded by a considerably wide portico that was used as a place of refreshment for pilgrims. In the square in front of the church, a statue was placed to honour the Virgin Mary, as well as an interesting fountain in granite.

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