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Sordevolo Passion Play Museum

The Museum is dedicated to the history of the representation of the Passion of the Christ, a famous example of popular theatre, which is held in Sordevolo every five years (the next performance is scheduled for the summer of 2015).
The museum is located the choir and the sacristy of the 17th century church of St. Martha.
Its destination as a museum, in addition to having allowed the recovery of these two rooms, now allows access to evocative rooms of
architectural merit, where visitors can admire
the wooden sculptures of the choir, especially the Prior's chair and two very important, skilfully restored paintings that both
date back to the 1600s. One was signed by Roman painter Girolamo Marinelli. Admission to the museum also includes a tour of the church of St. Martha.
Opened to the public in 2005, the museum currently features a new layout completed in 2010 and designed to place greater emphasis on the numerous archaeological artefacts
that illustrate the glorious past of the Passion Play of Sordevolo. Visitors can admire
In Room 1
1. Present day scenery and
historical scenery from the Passion Play
2. Collection of playbills and "single issues"
3. Projection room
In Room 2
4. The Passion of Christ in literature and in
local news
5. Historical and bibliographic
reference materials
6. Behind the scenes of The Passion of Sordevolo:
a collection of photographs
7. Video collection of photographs of the play
8. Films covering the
years 1924 - 1934
9. Films covering the
years 1970 - 1975
10. "Children's Passion": the play for kids
11. Costumes


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