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Trappa di Sordevolo and Borgata Bagneri (Ecomuseo del Biellese)

The Trappa in Sordevolo and the town of Bagneri di Muzzano are two sites of the "Ecomuseo del Biellese", an articulated system in fifteen cells, which are often locations of events and exhibitions, that reflect the complexity of the territory and its history. Each has its own characteristics, and helps visitors discover the Biellese territory and traditions. An extraordinary example of architecture in the mountains of the upper Elvo Valley, the "Trappa" of Sordevolo (Ecomuseum of building tradition) was built in the second half of the 1700s by the the Ambrosetti family (they were wool entrepreneurs) and takes its name from a congregation of Trappist monks fleeing from the French Revolution who settled there between 1796 and 1802. The structure offers food service (reservations recommended), accommodations and stall space. The guest house has 6 rooms (24 beds), one of which has been rendered suitable for people with disabilities. The stables - a stop on the Biellese Ippovia trail - can accommodate 10 horses. A short walk takes visitors to the village of Bagneri (location of the Ecomuseum of Mountain Civilization) which bears witness to the work of generations of herdsmen who slowly transformed the original environment and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the distant past by coming into contact with the mountain population's culture. On display in this town, the "Madonna del Piumin", a scultpure by Sandrùn, an artist native Sordevolo who passed away in 1970, which celebrates the Lady of the Mountains.

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